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Local Boy (me) Does Good!
...So I come back to my home town for a few days and look what happens, I end up on the cover of the newspaper (...with no handcuffs!) I mean I came back to help this writer, who was writing about the Montréal Jazz Festival (the biggest festival in the world according to the Guinness people-- world records, not stout). It seems that they were busy saying they are greening the fest, and "an industry leader in their greening ready to show other events how to do it" .... and If that's the industry leader, we're in trouble. Fortunately, they aren't. And the writer knew that, after all he was out on a particular farm in Tennessee last week, and you-know-who gave him a full-on green tour...

at the time he didn't even know i was from Montreal, but when he found out i was Montréalais he asked me to come to the Jazz fest and help him see if the greening was just greenwashing (turns out it was more like green-rinsing, here, read all about it). So I did, and I knew that he was going to reference Bonnaroo as an example of a green show... but I had no idea that it was going to be like this. And above the fold, wow! Thanks Gazette! Thanks Benjamin! Hopefully this will lead to really greening the Jazz Fest ...and the Just Pour Rire ...and any other Montreal green fests (already working on Osheaga)... I miss my city!
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