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A Baby Step I Can Really Get Behind! [Aug. 8th, 2007|01:58 am]
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get it? behind? it's a diaper bag...
Baby Steps. I'm not usually into them. At best they're usually up there with greenisthenewblack and INEBG/IEBG as far as hackneyed and bootless. And most often end up being abortive. Sure, what with the scale of some things today, what many consider a baby step, say, WalMart implementing energy & fuel efficiencies can lead to gargantuan eco-effective moves (but I'd argue that those are at the very least infant steps, almost, a child's step, not baby).

Weegeneration.com Born 07/08/007. Happy birthday, baby!

But this post is about a really cool baby step (it's actually probably a "Tween Step" at the very least, maybe even an adult step). This is about the Wee Generation which is such a great name-- the antidote to the 70s & 80's "me generation"? back to the 60's "we generation" but with an extra e for eco? Just for the wee wittle wuns? ...When i was little kid, i loved when my folks would swing me by my arms and i'd go "Weeeee!" So if thats the vibe for this green product/(r)evolutionary baby gear, this is the sign of something really good to come!

What is it? It's a baby bag. But it's not yet a baby bag. Right now it's your baby bag to be . And it going to be amazing. Wm McDonough is on board and its going to be C2C certified, but that's not all, it's also being developed by the eco-supergroup of: IDEO, 7th Generation, Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW), and the swankygreen Baby Style. And guess who the designer is? You! That's right, you, no we (wee?) get to designs it. That's right, they are totally transparent about the fact that they know some things about the bag, like its going to be greener than green, but don't really know what it will look like till wee tell them what wee want.

Mee, i don't know, but sure hope that this is just a prototype:
...at least to start with. That polkadot bag on the floor? it may be something --seeing how this baby shower, for three-month old Wyatt Stephen Crow and his mommy Sheryl was reported to be sponsored by WeeGenration and HCHW; "two foundations Sheryl supports." So, um, yeah, good thing 'wee' get to design the final product.

But think about this. If you happen, like me, to be somewhat cynical sometimes in the face of endless PR about the latest green inchworm-step, this here is a total sweetheart deal. It's C2C Certified and its not an industrial carpert or vehicle upholstry!! This is a C2C consumer product!! Finally. Someone (in the consumer product world) is stepping up to the plate and getting Cradle to Cradle certified by MBDC. That kicks ass! But wait, there's more (reason to be gleeful). Think about it from the baby's point of view.

I don't mean, like, 'think about the baby's future', but think about this: That bag is going to be your baby's first real thing. Aside from producing toys while out of the nest and baby getting antsy, that bag is going to be the ubiquitous godlike object that mommy and daddy know how to use to get juice and bottles, toys ...and even deal with all that messy stinky baby stuff. And it's C2C! So, maybe it's just me, but i really dig the idea of all these 'wee' kids growing up, hopefully a whole generation of them, whose very first material thing that is fully in their world, is Cradle To Cradle certified! They wont know it for a little while, but somehow i believe that these kids will grow up knowing it, and feeling it, and helping us save life on planet Earth ....now, that's a baby step!

[the even got AMAZING contests!! WeeGeneration]

[User Picture]From: a_steep_hill
2007-08-08 04:26 pm (UTC)

C2C consumer products

It's not the first consumer product to get C2C: Begley's Best is biodegradable cleaner that is certified as a biological nutrient. Which I take to mean that it actually does degrade into biocompatible materials, unlike many "biodegradable" products. Best of all, I've used the stuff, and it's fantastic. It really cleans. Diluted 6:1, it's a great general household cleaner, and one that I am happy to use on food prep surfaces. At full strength, it's powerful enough to cut through crusted grease (but let it soak in). It's also a great spot/stain treatment for laundry. (They sell a specific version as a spot/stain remover, but I find that the general purpose stuff works well in that application.)
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[User Picture]From: scalarparty
2007-08-08 04:45 pm (UTC)

Re: C2C consumer products

wow. i totally missed that category (silver, gold & biological nutrient? cool). so now there will two of 18 products (or 3 if you have herman miller at home?). I gotta get me some of that cleaner, i hear hes been doing the deliveries in his electric car.. i guess i'm too far for that. oh well, good thing amazon sells it? Go ed go!!
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