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...greən is the new blog [Nov. 27th, 2007|07:59 am]
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It’s easy being greən
What do you call a carbon neutral airplane flight? Especially one that is neutralized by just the right number of trees that will (if they all stay alive) consume that carbon over the next 80 years (+ no mention of neutralizing all of the other emissions, only the carbon is neutralized)? Offsets have been talked about in many places (although I gotta say, I just recently saw that Shell up here in Canada is going carbon neutral, ha ha ha.. with trees, of course!), that is just one example, it seems to be that these days you can see it creeping into pretty much everywhere-- or at least I do, because I work with green info, I see a steady stream of PR (and a lot of it is amazing.. and actually green-er than what was being done before!)

But there is a lot of stuff that is so borderline it would be comical except that it does less good than many easier—and just as available-- alternatives. And some do more harm. So I decided the other day, that this ought to be called "Greən." Greən is almost like green, but the schwa makes one pronounce it with a little bit more of a numbed-accent on the second e so its not eeee like green, but more like the ‘e’ in taken (ta-k-ən) or the ‘u’ in circus (sir-kəs), gre-ən—it’s almost green. But you kinda have to pause in the middle of the word, like you know it really isn’t a worldchanger, but you just watch, I bet there will soon be a Swiffer toss away (oooh I hate those!) that’s biodegradable, Sure it won’t actually degrade in a landfill, but it will be advertised as a green alternative, and at least those of us in the know, can say; That’s not green. Greən, maybe, but definitely not green.

[note: in looking for a pic to paste with this, i saw this great article from inhabitat, they're not there yet... but the biodegradeable Swiffer is not that far off, i bet ya!]

[User Picture]From: somerled
2007-11-27 01:39 pm (UTC)


Oh dear. I have a confession to make.
I didn't want one, though. It's just they don't sell mops or brooms at the nearest IGA. If you want clean floors, they insist, you have to get a Swiffer.
[User Picture]From: scalarparty
2007-11-27 08:00 pm (UTC)


just so you know.... a brand new PlanetOrganic has opened up in the 9-0-2 )here, to be exact)

[User Picture]From: somerled
2007-11-27 08:04 pm (UTC)


Yay Halifax.

Think you'll be able to hop up to Montreal for my New Year's Eve party?
[User Picture]From: scalarparty
2007-11-28 06:36 am (UTC)


riiight Mtl. u are no longer in that foggy 902 but in the 5 to the 1 to the 4.... of course, how can i forget that you now work in the Albert Speer Building of new economy?? how??

And yes i might like to do that! So far not quite sure where I will be (Mtl, TO, LA...) but as soon as, i would like to rsvp! Will it be a masqurade??
[User Picture]From: somerled
2007-11-28 12:23 pm (UTC)


Is it a masked ball? It sure is!
[User Picture]From: a_steep_hill
2007-11-27 06:26 pm (UTC)


I assume you've seen the recent study showing that 99% of green marketing claims are bullshit.
[User Picture]From: scalarparty
2007-11-27 08:02 pm (UTC)


yeah [...snif snif] I got one of those TerraChoice posters over my desk actually (to ward off the greənwash spirits)