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your ExuberantPantaphobia guide..... [Dec. 2nd, 2025|03:00 pm]

1)!greatest hits!, AgriBots, 2) Algae, 3) Amish techs, 4) Babysteps, 5) Bioplastics and beyond, 5.2) Biodiesel, 6) blingbling, 7) Carbon Scrubbing, 7.1) CEOs, 7.3) CleanTech, 8) climate change,9) ClimateMods, 10) dinosaurfuels, 11) DIY, 12) Efficiencies, 12.2) Evolution, 13) EVs, 14) food, 15) fuel cells, 16) GCMs, 17) geothermal, 18) gizmos, 19) Government, 20) Green Building, 21) Greenbiz, 22) greenDesign, 23) greenFuture, 23.1) GreenRoofs, 24) Hemp, 25) Hydrogen, 26) I Want One!!!, 27) Ice Age, 28) Icecream, 29) Invasive, 30) just plain crazy... 31) kyoto, 31.2) Living Machines, 31.3) Media, 31.4) My Movies (EarthChange I & II), 31.5) other people's Movies 32) new energy, 33) obfuscation, 33.3) oLEDs, 33.5) Organic Cotton, 34) Peak Oil, 35) pooh, 35.5) PROACTIVism, 36)cool recycling, 36.2) robots, 37) sewers, 38) annoying cellphone users, 39) solar, 40) Solar-Grade Silicon, 41) solarPV, 42) stirling- engines, 43) Stylee, 44) think!, 45) Urban Windfarms, 46) VJ, 47) water, 48) windpower, ....oh yeah, and 49)Rock n' Roll Greening
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BRUCES ROCKS!! [Dec. 26th, 2009|07:05 am]
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Tell The Truth - they teach it in Kindergarten, FFS [Nov. 27th, 2009|12:29 pm]

First!!Greenest!!Best!Fastest!Cheapest!!! "Step right up (suckers)...."

You wanna do something good for the planet? I mean really good? Well it's easy. STOP BULLSHITTING!!! Really, it's that easy. But in case you don't gestalt this-- let me explain what I mean: If you've read this LJ for some time you know I take umbrage to overselling, and hyperbole, and people who are too lazy to see that they aren't the "first" when they shove out their PR blasts telling us that they have "the first--- (fill in the blank-- first solar jacket, first PHEV, first solar panel...).... Why do I have such a hate on for this flim-flamery? Well it's easy to see really-- you oversell a green product, the consumer takes it home, finds that it does not meet their expectations, and then they become a spokesperson for the "don't bother with that Green BS" campaign. 'Cause they got burnt.

Haven't y'all ever heard of underselling??

Case in point is the whole hacked-climatologist scandal that is now turning AGW into a four-letter word... If those guilty parties (and they do exist on any side of the political spectrum) actually undersold, avoided hyperbole, and were transparent with what they know and what thy can't yet tell-- then the über-right wouldn't have all that ammo that they now have in droves..

But what got me all pissed off about this this morning you ask? Well it's because of some site called EcoMii. Which to be honest looks like oh, about 50 other green sites online. I got sent there because of something i was looking for (which they didn't have, BTW, no matter how good their SEO is). What really tweaked me tho was this; in their site's "Who Are We" section" they had this gem: "Todd O’Donald brings more than 13 years of experience in the interactive media industry to his role as CEO and co-founder of ecomii, the most popular ‘green’ lifestyle destination online."

Most Popular Green Site???? Really? It made me go check out Alexa. Really, is this the most popular green lifestyle destination? Really? Well Alexa agrees with me-- not by a freaking longshot! According to Alexa EcoMii's ranking is 47,784 and yesterday they reached 0.0007% of the global internet. Hearst Corp.'s Daily Green does better than that (ranked at 16,000) and Mother Nature News - celebrating its 1st-year anniversary January 9th, and started by Rolling Stone keyboardist Chuck Leavell-- is already more 'popular' ranking at 11,240 and yesterday reaching 0.014% of the global net. And Treehugger.com [arguably the most popular green lifestyle destination] is ranked 2,712 and yesterday they reached 0.094% of the global internet. So, Todd, what did you learn in those 13 years in 'interactive media' did you learn that it's cool in the green world to talk at people as if they are idiots? As if they can't use google? As if they are sheeple? Because LOHAS consumers are MORE savvy than the mean, and more loyal than a tween to a pop-tart. And they don't like being told what to think. So telling green consumers that you are the most popular destination when that obviously isn't the case is just more hyperbolic bullshitting. And now, you are branded with the scarlet letter (or at least with the greenwash letter)

If your system takes TWO DAYS to install don't sell it as a 1/2 day installation! If it amortizes in two years say that, don't say 18 months! If you can get 60km on a charge, don't say 80km* (*driving under 45kmh). Really it's not that tough. I am sure your local chamber of commerce of Better Business org will have plenty for you to read up if you aren't clear on the concept-- but really, unless you wanna see more pics like below, can we stop the bullshit already?
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time flies... [Nov. 14th, 2009|11:14 am]

My tenure as in-house green guy at that green living magazine/show/energy/whatnot company has long past, and as they say, onwards and upwards, right? And i think after that stint, I probably won't be writing as much ever again (nothing against it, but it's not my main thang). Here are my favorite articles i got to write for them. They're kinda funny if you've been reading my LJ for some time, and then you see the way editors change the voice to suit the publication. So if you want to see a neutered version of my rants + raves, here's 1) E-assist bikes, 2) The Purolator Quicksider 3)He Shots He Scores Greener Hockey! 4) Is Your T-Shirt Toxic? 4) Resuscitating T-shirts and 5) the Oscar for green awards goes to...
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MY RANGE ANXIETY RANT [Nov. 14th, 2009|10:48 am]

Real High Anxiety

i was just reading all week-- a lot of folks in dark blue suits writing about green shit, er, "clean tech." And i gotta say most of it was so L-A-M-E. I mean this stuff was in top notch pubs, like James & James whose R.E. World has been a close friend forever-- until this guy from Merrile Lynch pooped all over it. I mean he had one cool concept in his screed; an economic look at carbon and hydrogen in a really novel way, how we keep moving from greater carbon-to-hydrogen ratios to much greater H-to-C. Like from Wood (10:1 carbon for every hydrogen molecule), to coal 2:1, to oil 1:2 to natural gas at 4:1.It was a cool idea, but he got two more pages after that, which he basically filled with sophistic diarrhea. And it goes all over the map-- from how climate change might lead to the melting of the snowcaps of Kilimanjaro (really, is that the worse that's going to happen?) and of course, how we need much more nuclear power (at least that was parenthesized by a shout out to solar/wind. Zzzzz... But then I woke up because all of the sudden there was this din of chatter equal to a heated cackling on The View. And it was all these ev specialists, and consultants, and writers going on and on about Range Anxiety

And I think really, it's the silliest thing. To begin with, even 20 lead acid batteries (esp. if u add a small 400watt ultra-capacitor) is more than enough for 75% of commuters. That costs, what, 15-25% of the cost of the Volt's batteries. And the fact that the price of batteries keeps going down annually, new batts keep showing up (zinc air, metal air, carbon nanotube, vanadium redox, all that stuff we've already talked about). So Range Anxiety is not really going to be an issue.

But at the same time, we all wanna go on a road trips, or follow our favorite band across the country (not to mention the traveling sales people, and others who have to drive for 14 hours a day), so being able to drive long distances in an EV without having to wait 4 hours to recharge for every 2 hours of driving is an issue. That's why people are like mad into stuff like BetterPlace (or the betterplace clones already out there), eEstors...

BUT! I don't want to rent/lease robot-changeable batteries just because the batteries are too expensive ....or to placate one's range-anxiety. And you don't need eEstor to get a 5 min charge! imagine if Exxon Shell et al deployed posicharge chargers in all their service stations. Now! But then again, do we really need gas stations? even if they all somehow morphed into EVcharging, even with robots who change the batteries for us? This may sound crazy because no deal is even in place yet, but i already know who is going to have a big part of the charger business up here in Canada. It's a company called Tim Hortons. Right now they sell donuts and coffee.

And they are more than a Canadian institution, almost canonized for some reason. But mark my words, in Canada during phase one of vehicle electrification, "Timmies" will be the #1 place to charge your EV while driving from city to city, or to just 'top up' while driving around the suburbs doing errands. They won't be the only one (McDonalds is already leading the way), but they are dotting the highways and everywhere in the burbs.. And they won't be alone, and they wont be the first-- McDonalds already started, WalMart will get in on it, and you're going to see more of this everywhere.

But i don't really care all that much about whats going to be in 2-10 years, I'm way more curious about the next 8-20: Gimme my wi-power!! and send it to my charger from antennas! And/or gimme inductive strips along a quarter of the streets, and highways (and bill me for what i use!). At the very least, put the inductive strips on the street where parking is permitted (and new parking meters, usually with solar panels, are all wifi-enabled) and let me pay for my parking and a charge at the same time. Cause just because you can make a battery pack that will give you 300km on a charge doesn't mean you have to be all hoggy with those rare materials. If/when we have wi-charging and inductive strips, everyone would be just as happy with $4k of LiFePO4's as with one of these 'fully charged' EVs. So that's what I want us to do: envision inductive charging strips in the roads (just like those fancy new inductive mats for your pda, psp, ipod...). Imagine dotting the highways on an electric car or electric motorcycle with an unlimited amount of electricity! Because it's just as possible and just as real as any of these other techs we know of. And probably a lot cheaper in the long run...
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twitter [Oct. 9th, 2009|09:40 pm]
..can't believe I'm gonna say this but seeing how there's rarely enough time to write proper stuff for this here LJ anymore =( but how I do still love aggregating the cool-ass green goodies; if you's like, you are more than invited to Follow Me On Twitter
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Fox Appointed to Guard the Henhouse. And The Pseudo Green Blogs Gush With Gleeful Apotheosis. [Jul. 9th, 2009|05:14 pm]
Monsanto VP chosen by Obama to be FDA's new food safety czar

....and the bullshitters say "Hooo-ray!"

I've tried to like The Daily Green. I really have. I like some of their writers, and sometimes they have cute stories. So I've overlooked the fact that it's a Hearst publication --I've made no secret of my lurve for slick Willie and the Hearst clan, yuck, What an ecological blight that family caused (along with robber barons Lamont du Pont and Andrew Mellon). So even though it's built on a foundation of shit, I still had looked to Daily Green as a group of people (not a group Hearst descendants) who were earnest in their desire to 'green the world'

But you gotta keep one eye open, right? Especially when their sincerity is already hard to believe. Who can tell if they have any other agendas? Well today it's pretty easy to tell if they have any other agendas, as they roll the green carpet and stick tongue out to give a rim job to Michael Taylor who just began his new --Obama appointed-- job as special assistant to the FDA Commissioner for food safety. Bad enough this guy is now in charge of our safety. Worse yet a supposed "Green" journal/blog publishes a thousand word screed telling us greenies that we should not only love this guy, but really his bad rap isn't really a bad rap, heck, he's a saint! He's streamlined food safety (the guy who didn't want meat packers to slow down their machines to look for e-coli), he cares, really he cares, they say....

Who is Mike, anyway? Well, obviously for starters he's a lawyer. He's also a former VP of a little company called Monsanto(!) He's the reason rBGH/rBST does not have to be mentioned on milk cartons. He's the one who stopped any information about folic acid being good for expectant mothers to stop Spina Bifida (if you're 17 or under and suffer from Spina Bifida you have Mike Taylor to thank), and then some.... He was deputy of the FDA back in the 90's as well (when the milk went through) and claims that whenever Monsanto came up, he would stay out of the decision making (and I'm sure not one of his underlings had any reason to vote for the absent boss, right? And he didn't even have to be absent seeing how the conflict of interest laws only make sure he doesn't double deal in his first year in the public sector) And as they say (and excuse in the Daily Green-wash) "He also was a coauthor of the FDA’s 1992 policy statement on genetically engineered plant foods." The Daily tries to say that his time both at the FDA and later at USDA led to greater meat health and security. All vegan arguments aside-- do you really think that Meat has gotten safer over the past 15 years? Really?

The virtual Hearst rag ends proclaiming: "In 2007, he went to academia and joined the food policy think tank (see his bio) at George Washington University. There, he produced the excellent food safety report I mentioned in a previous post, which repeats these points. This is about as good a position on food safety as can be expected of any federal official. I wish him all the luck in the world in getting the safety of FDA-regulated foods under control. For those of you who are still dubious, how about giving him a chance to show what he can do? But do keep the pressure on - hold his feet to the fire - so he knows he has plenty of support for doing the right thing."

Yeah... give him a chance. come on.... and if you don't put more pressure on him than an $11Bn multinational corporation, well don't blame him, or us, or Obama.... you just weren't trying hard enough

....and if you get busted for growing organic food-- or for growing Monsanto's I.P. whose genes slipped into your seeds, well maybe you weren't giving Mike his props.

read more about mike here, and here.
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Maudit Silicon!!!! Attend que'on l'pogne le p'tit câlisse [Jul. 9th, 2009|07:10 am]
Quebecois silicon co from Timmins, owned by the Dutch, gets the duckets

What do you get if you cross Shania Twain and Celine Dion? I don't know, but I don't wanna hear it :P But I do know this: Celine is from Quebec, just like me, cirque du soleil, Poutine, the director of the Night at the Museum movies, William Shatner, and Monsieur Rene Boisvert. Who's that last guy? he's the CEO of Becancour Silicon, a company owned by Timminco, who of course, are based in Timmins (Canada's 69th largest city. no really i swear it's true). Timmins was famous for gold a hundred years ago, De Beers has a diamond mine there, and due to a hundred years + of underground mines, they're also famous for huge sudden sink holes. And yes, Cowboy Junkies and Shania are both from there (though neither the twain ever met).

"So what?" I hear you saying... and rightfully so. actually this isn't a huge story, so maybe the preamble wasn't worth it. But yesterday was a good day for Monsiuer Boisvert and Timminco, that's for sure. Investissement Quebec just loaned them $25M to ramp up their Solar Grade Silicon (SoG-Si) plant. Is it too late? As you know I was yelling and foaming at the mouth about the shortage of solar grade silicon, four years ago.... And the problem was that from 95-99 experts were warning of the coming shortage... but since at least '006 there have been so many SoG-Si plants coming online that there is almost a threat of a glut. Plus we have CIGs, NanoSolar, so many non-silicon solar mtals coming out, that you have to ask if there is even a need for any more SoG-Si plants (((and no one has yet used that Russian/NREL way to make SoG-si without chlorine and only 1/3 of the electricity))), at least that would make cheap SoG-Si which will never go out of style!

So is it just in time?? or way too late? I just wanna get me some Quebecois solar panels, hostie....
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V W to roll out 100% B.E.Vs [Jul. 7th, 2009|09:14 am]
...just in time for Summer Tour '13

Volkswagen is going to launch a whole array of EVs! According to the announcement: "the auto maker wants to offer a large number of all-electric vehicles at affordable prices, and is aiming for 1.0-1.5 percent of the global all-electric vehicle market by 2020." W000t!
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Cleantech seen the worst? Rebounding to $1.2B in 2Q09 [Jul. 3rd, 2009|07:15 am]
The end in sight?

Is it a sign that, at least in Greensville, things are looking up?
Cleantech Group Llc certainly thinks so.
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Korean EV wars come Stateside.... [Jul. 3rd, 2009|06:28 am]
Much * Ado about * Shitty * Hoopties

Lots of talk this morning about CT&T EVs. Apparently they might be moving to Alabama, creating almost 3,000 jobs, and making their EVs local. Very much in the style of V-Vehicle's move in TN, and also like V-V (which would have been cooler had it been V_Vehicles) the cars themselves are the only iffy part. Sure, they're not the mystery cars that Al Gore an T-Boon Pickens plan on making, but what's worse, they are just more shitty little NEVs:

And whats even worse, they're Li-Ion NEVS (really, when you're cruising at a top speed of 35kmh, do you need batteries that will last for a 10 hour sprint? Where are you going to go??)

But this got me thinking... Sure we always talk about Chinese BEVs and PHEVs-- the Cherry, BYD et al, but what about Korea? And more importantly Korean-American, let's call them "Amerasian EVs" There's at least one other KorAm EV coming, and at least this one is a hottie! Sand Diego Based Korean EV Company, Leo Motors, is gunning to be top dog in the biz, and they have some nice recent stats, and look at the hotties:

Now that's a serious SUV. Can easily compete with the Phoenix, and then they even have something to go head to head with 'el Tesla:

But what's most exciting to a guy like me, is what they said in their most recent PR blast. See, they are actually converting Kia SUVs, and converting some other Korean sports cars... and as they say:

Leo's conversion solution can be used in any type of small to midsize vehicle platform (2,000 cc engines or below), for any manufacturer. Using Leo's solution, cars can be converted to electric vehicles for real world use both for high-speed highway and city traffic. The conversion kit solution is the result of evolutionary EV technologies from Leo Motors that focused on the development of the motor system, battery pack, power control, and power management system. Leo's particular solution set or "kit" consists of a 60kW water-cooled AC motor with controller, 30kWh or 16kWh lithium polymer power pack with multi-battery management system (BMS), and charger.

...and --seeing how there are more than 350 million cars that can be converted-- that simply kicks ass! So here's hoping that Leo expands its San Diego operations, and fights the good fight in the Korean/US EV War!
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over the top [Jul. 3rd, 2009|06:08 am]
Excess is not 'green' ok??

Look I love Dean Kamen as much as the next guy--- sure the Segway wasn't exactly the "it" we were promised (of course it never got the fuel cells needed to make it a serious machine), and his water tratment systems are GENUIS. But the latest story, about the Kamen making a "Hybrid Stirling Engine Scooter" is stupid. Yes, I said it, it's just wasteful and shows whats wrong with more than 1/2 of the EV "market."

Kamen is now working on a stirling engine hybrid scooter. That means a scooter that uses gas, but also has some hybrid electric motor, and now his fancy stirling engine (which works with TH!NK but not so much on a scooter). Why why why??? There is no need for this.

See, until the police pried me off my electric scooter, I ran around Montreal for years and never once ran out of electricity. That's just the nature of the beats-- a scooter that only goes 75 kmh can not go on highways, hence the average commute on a scooter is less than 30km. LEAD ACID BATTERIES ARE PERFECT FOR THIS! There is no need for li-ion (like many scooters are now selling as an 'upgrade') and certainly no need for a hybrid motor. This is what Yamahaha is said to be doing as well, put out a hybrid scooter. These are BS. There is no need to have both an electric motor and an ICE, you can get everything done on Lead Acid Batteries (and LABats are infinitely more recyclable than lithium, cadmium, little metal hydrides....).

This is the same as the EV industry where people just wont buy an electric car if it only has a 100km range, and I'm sorry for sounding like a jerk, but this is just pure stupidity. People pay no attention to how much they drive per day-- if they did, they would know that they drive less than 50km a day! This means that for 99.9% of your average 2-car owner's driving, simple (and cheap) Lead Acid batteries and a 9" electric motor is all they need! Face it, you're not in college anymore, the Grateful Dead no longer tour, and there will be no big road trip (except for maybe driving the kids to Florida over Xmas).

If one were to convert their car to electric, or buy a preconverted electric, with lead acid, the money they save from EV commuting would afford the commuter to rent a rolls royce for their once annual road trip. And still pundits daliy bemoan the fact that EVs batteries don't go 300 miles on a charge! WHO DOES A 300 MILE COMMUTE????

I love ya Dean, but go back to the water and th!nk cars....
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Look who's talking II [Jan. 19th, 2008|12:11 pm]
Move over Denny Terrio-- I just taught Vincent Vega how to offset!
So last week I got asked to do this really neat thing: I got asked to teach JT how to offset his carbon emissions. It's a long story about how I got that gig, and if I get to do phase II: actually helping the guy offset his carbon footprint, then I might tell you the whole story (believe it or not, some of the names are even bigger!), but for now, it was cool-- the guy needed to know ASAP what it meant and how it works, and i woke up to an email reading "Help! John Travolta needs to know all about carbon offsetting, would you please explain it in a few short paragraphs or bullets? Thanks!!"

And sure, the guy made that so-so sci-fi movie (but he did shoot it in my hometown, Montreal, and he did use some of my old pals in the film), and sure, he does like to park a 747 in front of his house... but really, how could I say no? I grew up with the guy... first as Chuck Bensen on Emergency, and then mean Billie Nolan spraying Sissy Spacek full of pig's blood, and of course Vinnie Barbarino... and that lovable George Malley in phenomena tinkering with solar panels and organic fertilizers... how could I say no?

So I wrote it up nice & simple, didn't take too long, and sent it off. It went from "my people" to "his people" so I don't even know if he knows who I am. But I know if he liked it he will come back for more (they always seem to now), and at the very least i got to pay him back a little for all those years of entertainment! Hopefully next we can get him into biofuels for that big jet of his.. or maybe even some of that cryogenic hydrogen.. that would be cool. Anyway, it's certainly as much fun as when I used to be writing here all night and working in the recycling plant all day....

And at the least i thought it was good fodder for people on my friends list :p thanks y'alls for all your support over the times when it was tough(er)
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viropop's latest Zaproot 4 u! [Jan. 17th, 2008|09:38 am]
Met this guy Damien recently, not sure at HGG or EcoGift
... he doesn't know which one either, but his videos rock!

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they tell us that we lost our tails evolving up from little snails i say its all windmills and sails [Nov. 29th, 2007|08:01 am]

Are We not Green? We Are E-V-O!
EVO! it's eco. it's EVOlutionary. It's "your marketplace for natural, clean & green products" and it's brand new (there was actually a media embargo until 8:00 am this morning). it's a web 2.0 green play, but looks way solid + fun! Think of a green version of amazondotcom meets digg, meets GroovyGreen. EVO is a green e-commerce hub-- there's already over 20,000 green products available a mouse click away, but the goal is more than that--- a place for news and views, and (online) community building.

And that they will eventually have members of their community adding products (as well as of course suggesting products to their "friends"). I think this 2.0 part makes this a killer ap (in the sense that a crappy product, a greenwashed product, or a company with horrible customer service will be mentioned by the masses--- as well as the best) so the creme will rise, and the newest-and-greenest will also be able to share the spotlight! Seriously, this is going to be a great watershed for finding the ideal green paint, the ideal eco fashion fall collection, or anything else you can consume. But it's not just about consumption right? Heck no.

Well it is a store, so there is some of that marketing & commercialization (a lot of that-- but really cool stuff like solar purses and electric cars!) But there is a whole section where you can shop around to find the best places to put your money (clean tech, green investments...). And there are so many articles, one might just think this is a blog (but it's not). I read a really nice clear post about B Corporations--- (and boy how i love learning a new term!!!!). And they even have cute video news!

So go check it out! it's EVO, it's live now. Sign up and they'll plant a tree in your name!!!
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...greən is the new blog [Nov. 27th, 2007|07:59 am]
It’s easy being greən
What do you call a carbon neutral airplane flight? Especially one that is neutralized by just the right number of trees that will (if they all stay alive) consume that carbon over the next 80 years (+ no mention of neutralizing all of the other emissions, only the carbon is neutralized)? Offsets have been talked about in many places (although I gotta say, I just recently saw that Shell up here in Canada is going carbon neutral, ha ha ha.. with trees, of course!), that is just one example, it seems to be that these days you can see it creeping into pretty much everywhere-- or at least I do, because I work with green info, I see a steady stream of PR (and a lot of it is amazing.. and actually green-er than what was being done before!)

But there is a lot of stuff that is so borderline it would be comical except that it does less good than many easier—and just as available-- alternatives. And some do more harm. So I decided the other day, that this ought to be called "Greən." Greən is almost like green, but the schwa makes one pronounce it with a little bit more of a numbed-accent on the second e so its not eeee like green, but more like the ‘e’ in taken (ta-k-ən) or the ‘u’ in circus (sir-kəs), gre-ən—it’s almost green. But you kinda have to pause in the middle of the word, like you know it really isn’t a worldchanger, but you just watch, I bet there will soon be a Swiffer toss away (oooh I hate those!) that’s biodegradable, Sure it won’t actually degrade in a landfill, but it will be advertised as a green alternative, and at least those of us in the know, can say; That’s not green. Greən, maybe, but definitely not green.

[note: in looking for a pic to paste with this, i saw this great article from inhabitat, they're not there yet... but the biodegradeable Swiffer is not that far off, i bet ya!]
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get ready for the GREEN NOUVEAU [Nov. 21st, 2007|12:19 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Green Nouveau ...because every good movement deserves a name
Anyone else notice the brand spanking new ecorazzi background???

I hope you feel as much glee as I do looking at that design and detail. It’s so lush yet playful, so nature-aware, but those colors ...so now! And it makes me think of this term I’ve been playing around with a lot lately; Green Nouveau. it’s a growing trend I’ve noticed at first, like a trickle in the designs from a green PR company in Portland/NYC, but then really played out in the new ‘razzi do (Michael showed me a mockup of it a month ago which really got me thinking about this Green Nouveau). There are a many ways that what’s happening now in the green world resembles what was going on in the art world a hundred years ago, and its bold and exciting, but even better, it’s a way out of being called environmentalist. Cause nothing spoils the party faster than bringing the environmentalist along. Green Nouveau just wanna have fun. Just wanna party like its 1899

[Art Nouveau platter circa 1907. Add 100 years and
the Peter Max palette and you get the picture...]

...but why Green Nouveau? Because Environmentalism is dead (ctd.)Collapse )
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MDI finds Indian love with TATA. Will finally manufacture theaircar! [Nov. 4th, 2007|02:00 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

No, not hot air. Compressed. C-o-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-...
Woooooot! Well there you have it, once more, it pays to be persistent. At least that's how it's panning out for Guy Nègre who, as Green Car Congress just revealed has signed a manufacturing deal for his long awaited MDI Air Car. Yes! the silent car that gets about 125 Miles [at 70 MPH] on a tank of compressed air (and can fill back up in a couple of minutes). So Tata Motors, India's largest automotive manufacturer is going to start cranking these baddies out! And everybody says "Oh yeah!" ...Newly added, they are also going to be manufacturing a hybrid version that runs on gas and compressed air (gas to boost it at higher speeds, as well as to refill the air compression making road trips more doable).
And they don't just have the city cab version anymore, they got a sleek 21st century pickup truck now, and a family vehicle! I wonder if it is silent though, or if it sounds like a balloon slowly deflating (or a whoopee cushion?) Will have to wait and see, but so the question i am thinking is not so much when can i get my hands on a waycool EV, but more, in about 18 months which type of green car is going to be the one to get??
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Burlingon-IBM turn semiconductor scrap into photovoltaics [Nov. 4th, 2007|01:39 pm]
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...first Ben & Jerry's, then Phish, now this!
Here's another cool story out of PhysOrg, about a Vermont IBM team who have pioneered a way to turn semiconductor waste in to solar grade silicon for PV panels (well, actually, that part is not brain science, the new trick was more about erasing IBM's intellectual property before it leaves their hands and ends up on someone's roof). And this is good news, because in the semiconductor world, 250,000 silicon wafers are used a day (and 3.3% of that get scrapped on the factory floor) and so there are about 3 million silicon wafers sitting around waiting to be made useful. They would look nice on my roof :p

...speaking of computers, have you heard the one about OLPC the one laptop per child group has been looking at that run on cow power? No, seriously, and not what you might think, from some cow-poo biofuel or biogas.. but actually hooking the Mumbai cows (for example) up to pulleys and generating electricity from the cows... I dunno, sounds cool, but a little too much like the Professor from Gilligan and not enough like a gizmo from a Brice Stirling book = (
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Here Comes the Total Mobility Project's Solar Mazda [Nov. 4th, 2007|01:25 pm]
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...feels like years since it's been here!
...just read in PhysOrg about The Total Mobility Project, a group in Japan who have
turned a Mazda car into a 100% Solar Powered Electric Vehicle. It's not 100% there, yet, seeing how it only gives you <20 Miles per charge, and seeing how the conversion kit so far costs about $20K, it's still a little out there ...but look at the capacitors coming down the pipe, the advanced-LA Batteries and LI-batteries, and you can see where this will go (throw in some phat Ted Seargent spray-on PV for a total chassis chargeability and then all of the sudden, voilà, ur solar whip is teh kewl (!)
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NREL does CHEVRON, algae style! [Nov. 4th, 2007|12:53 pm]
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The Green Slimy blobs from
Roswell NM are taking over!!!

Some interesting news just came onto the wired about Chevron and the NREL's Algae peeps hooking up to develop algae fuels. Finally. It has sunk in. And they're keen to leapfrog whatever developments have already happened, and work with startups to see which algae techs will be the winners. Pretty cool for an Oilco (hope they remember to also bust out the algae jet fuels, as well... ((and yeah i kinda kid about that green slimy thing, algae is green and slimy, but not alien, it's just that when John Sheehan (now VP Sustainability at LiveFuels)started the NREL's aquatic species program ages ago, they had algae "racetracks" in Roswell --of all places-- where they really developed the concept. Anyway, this is a kinda wikked cool story, maybe one day the Condolezza Rice will be filled with biofuels made from waste CO2! wouldn't that be awesome (and even better if Condi is in Jail for War Crimes)?
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You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Bullshit Blows [Oct. 29th, 2007|10:39 am]

Marlo Lewis vs. Al Gore?? on Fox, right? No! On CNN!
In other news, baby foxes, little foxes are called Kits

...So I saw the CEI on CNN last week (well good 'ol Marlo Lie-ass anyway) to give, you know, the "other side of the story." It was nice to see Heidi Collins 'tough' questions to Marlo, i guess, but basically let Marlo jr. rant for 5 full minutes. So the fog about uncertainties just refused to lift... Sheesh! A Nobel Prize and CNN is busy butt-licking the CEI (What? was the AEI and "singer" not available??) That seemed to go nowhere. Maybe Schullemberger and Nordhaus are right. Either that, or maybe this guy below, maybe he can tell us whats up with the weather?

oh wait! that was the esteemed Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlow Lewis yikes. So apparently the 'global warming crusaders are plotting to put an "Energy Starved Planet on an Energy Diet." And apparently energy efficiency, according to Marlo Jr. will lead to economic meltdown. Mr. Marlow obviously has no idea who David Goldstein is.

So far I think that weatherman #1 up there makes more sense. But maybe one of these, from FOX (you know, to be fair & balanced) might make more sense...

more weathermen losing it post fold!Collapse )
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cheat neutral! [Oct. 26th, 2007|08:23 am]

....looking for Mr. GoodCO2
...boy am I relieved, I just signed up with CheatNeutral: "At Cheatneutral, we believe that we should all try to reduce the amount we cheat on our partners, but we also realise that fidelity isn't always possible. That's why we help you neutralise your cheating. Your actions are offset by a global network of fidelity, developed by us. By paying Cheatneutral, you're funding monogamy-boosting offset projects - we simply invest the money you give us in monogamous, faithful or just plain single people, to encourage them to stay that way." Sorta sums up the offsetting thing, dontcha think?
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F R E E A I R E a "cool" nobrainer energysaver! [Oct. 25th, 2007|07:30 am]
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Free Commercial Refrigeration From Now Until March!!
[yah it’s a rehash, but then again its getting on that time of year]
Today, in 21+ States and all across Canada there are two things you can be certain of; one, no matter how tasty it looks, do not lick any metal outside! And two, across these 21 states 9 provinces and two territories, there are countless walk-in refrigerators (corner stores, beer stores, restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores…) and no matter that it’s colder outside than a witches… almost each and every one of these walk-ins is using an insane amount of energy (2-3KwH to ‘frigerate’ the air and keep everything cool & fresh. I say ‘almost’ because there are some—the few, the brave in Vermont, Ontario, Mass, NH and TX(!) who have already gotten hooked up with the BRILLIANT FreeAire. And this one is really a no-brainer.

See, as the tradition goes, walk-in fridges are built inside the buildings, which are heated all winter long. So the temperature inside the walk in has to be cooled down around 21°c. So what Richard Travis invented in Vermont years ago, is a series of ducts and sensors that allow the air conditioning to stop the moment the temperature outside dips below a preset minimum, and instead intakes cool outdoor air. I mean seriously, how much of a no-brainer is this one? Here, let’s look at the AC costs for a small Mom & Pop shop in New England:

…and this is what it costs after installing FreeAire:
And look at that payback! Its not too tough to sell an innovation when it amortizes in 1.5 Years. And if it’s truly 1.5 lbs of CO2 for every KWh we generate, then the little unit illustrated above will save roughly 20 Tons of CO2 from being emitted each year (and imagine just how many walk-ins there are)! This is what some would call a triple win win win (and yes I have mentioned this before and I thought others would have blabbed about it, but I figure its cold outside, the silliness is still going on, and plus I’m stoked that someone in my own hometown is now selling them, woo hoo!
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s'il on a un rêve il y a une chance... [Oct. 23rd, 2007|11:48 am]
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…the greatest story yet to be told!
Remember the early Greenhouse days when a story about climate change (Cch) was a rarity in the news-mainstreams (and of course, the rare event would always include the obligatory quote- unquote “Greenhouse Effect” as if it wasn’t a proven hundred year-old scientific fact)? My, how far we’ve come in even just one decade, these days you can’t shake a stick without hitting a climatologist, climate journalist, skeptic, activist, government pundit or vlogger in the daily news troughs. And it’s not just because of Alfred Nobel's latest choice, or the end-of-the-year “Wacky Weather” reports. The story about Cch has broke in the MSM news. The trickle is now a steady stream, which sadly, will only well-up more and more-- as this story refuses to go away. Climate is going to grow to the biggest story of the 21st century (and the story has sharp fangs and talons). You can even see various networks and newswires quote science bodies who say that we may only have 10 years left. And recently we’ve witnesses everyone from morning news teams to Martha Stewart embracing sustainable solutions on the air.

So at least the dialog has started. And recently, an interesting trend has appeared; the addition of the word adaptation into the mix --that we can adapt to Cch as well as reduce our greenhouse gas emission. It is often used by groups who don’t necessarily like the idea of mitigating greenhouse gasses, so I wonder just how much thought they’ve actually put into the concept of adapting to Cch. But nonetheless, I agree. Both being important (adapting, and mitigating CO2 emissions), if we could only solve one problem at a time, focusing on adaptation to Cch is probably our best bet right now.

But what the heck does adaptation mean, anyway?
Do the pundits and government agents mean that we will adapt our lifestyles, technologies and microclimates to deal with a no longer stable climate? click here there's more...Collapse )
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koyaanisqHOTsi ! [Aug. 24th, 2007|12:56 am]
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I get it! ...it's 'cause they're from iceland! Right??

i went to see Leo Di's new movie (Leo Leila & Nadia's movie; The 11th Hour. Pretty impressive. Lots of Bioneers doing what they do best -explaining the situation (or most of it- he doesn't go that deep into climate change), and examining the multi-causal planetary breakdown that is now starting to happen. And by the last third of the flick, it's peppered with solution on top of solution. And with 52 interviews, while everyone only gets a few moments here & there to push the -well structured- parts of the essay, it does present a cohesive argument for action and optimism. And it's full of archival imagery, and a total buzzclip intro (i guess if you know me, you'd know i dig that).

And cool music. At one poignant moment --a peaceful lull after a particularly tense earth-in-crisis montage, there was even some Sigur Rós with whom to fly-over ice-fields
i was thinking 'Wow Ágætis byrjun, what an odd choice'... but now i get it! they're from Iceland! And at the time, the visuals were these relaxed pan-o-rama ice shots from greenland. which is a land full of (that melting) ice... cute

And just like i like it, they really looked at as wide an angle as they perhaps felt they could (Meat was shockingly absent in this movie). Which is really the best way to deal with climate change, omnilateraly, right? But they are not just looking at climate change -thought it's a big part of it, but almost everything. Almost to the point like what i was accused of back in the day (getting chewed out by a documentary legend); that you can't try to solve all of the worlds problems in one movie. And i am sure some critics will accuse these Directors/Writer/Producers of just that (if they stop harping on his flight patterns). But fuck 'em Leo, personally I agree that that is the way the story ought to be told. This is about our evolution or sticking to a lifestyle that east its young till theres nothing left... why pussyfoot around that? Why deal with CO2s and NOXs when it goes so much deeper and people really have to "get it" if they're going to commit to it. At one point someone quotes someone else (sorry for being vague but with 52 interviews in 90 minutes its hard to remember who said what, i just remember he said it was a quote: After asking what we are really looking for with all this hyperconsumption: "One can never really be full, if they're filling themselves with things that they don't really want" or something like that. And that and climate change are in as much of a dance, as emissions or cows or hurricanes...

Their view of stuff like the rainforests was obviously different than mine as there's room for hope and optimism even there, but all in all, it is a moving eye opener for anyone who is somewhat aware, and especially the ones who aren't but will be compelled to go for Leo Di (or soon to be converts) or from the soon-to-be Leo Di army (mark my words. Leo Di army). And even for the choir who wants to be preached at, by the third part you will be happy to see so many green techs you know everyone and every kid in America ought to know exists (like the Tesla, living machines...). And you may just learn a new one or two (while i dig the Fungi Perfecti guy Paul Stamets a lot, and heard him talk about those mushrooms that eat up heavy metal spills an such, i never heard the words "mycofiltration" and "mycorestoration" before. Awesome!

And again i particularly like is that it even take that extra bold step, asking the question that really lies even at the heart of the entire climate change thing. What is it that is really happening deep at the core of us that is out of whack. Because it's not just about CO2, but about what our species has become... and where we are (very able and) headed
kudos to Leila Connors Peterson, Her Sister Nadia Connors and of course Mr. Leo DiCaprio (that's not him. That's Kenny Ausable founder of the Bioneers (and founder exCEO of Seeds of Change, and filmaker).

Oh heck. go see the movie when it hits your town! and in the meantime, the website they have is pretty good to see what it's all about, including everyone interviewed and much much more... go!
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A Baby Step I Can Really Get Behind! [Aug. 8th, 2007|01:58 am]
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get it? behind? it's a diaper bag...
Baby Steps. I'm not usually into them. At best they're usually up there with greenisthenewblack and INEBG/IEBG as far as hackneyed and bootless. And most often end up being abortive. Sure, what with the scale of some things today, what many consider a baby step, say, WalMart implementing energy & fuel efficiencies can lead to gargantuan eco-effective moves (but I'd argue that those are at the very least infant steps, almost, a child's step, not baby).

Weegeneration.com Born 07/08/007. Happy birthday, baby!

But this post is about a really cool baby step (it's actually probably a "Tween Step" at the very least, maybe even an adult step). This is about the Wee Generation which is such a great name-- the antidote to the 70s & 80's "me generation"? back to the 60's "we generation" but with an extra e for eco? Just for the wee wittle wuns? ...When i was little kid, i loved when my folks would swing me by my arms and i'd go "Weeeee!" So if thats the vibe for this green product/(r)evolutionary baby gear, this is the sign of something really good to come!

What is it? It's a baby bag. But it's not yet a baby bag. Right now it's your baby bag to be . And it going to be amazing. Wm McDonough is on board and its going to be C2C certified, but that's not all, it's also being developed by the eco-supergroup of: IDEO, 7th Generation, Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW), and the swankygreen Baby Style. And guess who the designer is? You! That's right, you, no we (wee?) get to designs it. That's right, they are totally transparent about the fact that they know some things about the bag, like its going to be greener than green, but don't really know what it will look like till wee tell them what wee want.

Mee, i don't know, but sure hope that this is just a prototype:
...at least to start with. That polkadot bag on the floor? it may be something --seeing how this baby shower, for three-month old Wyatt Stephen Crow and his mommy Sheryl was reported to be sponsored by WeeGenration and HCHW; "two foundations Sheryl supports." So, um, yeah, good thing 'wee' get to design the final product.

But think about this. If you happen, like me, to be somewhat cynical sometimes in the face of endless PR about the latest green inchworm-step, this here is a total sweetheart deal. It's C2C Certified and its not an industrial carpert or vehicle upholstry!! This is a C2C consumer product!! Finally. Someone (in the consumer product world) is stepping up to the plate and getting Cradle to Cradle certified by MBDC. That kicks ass! But wait, there's more (reason to be gleeful). Think about it from the baby's point of view.

I don't mean, like, 'think about the baby's future', but think about this: That bag is going to be your baby's first real thing. Aside from producing toys while out of the nest and baby getting antsy, that bag is going to be the ubiquitous godlike object that mommy and daddy know how to use to get juice and bottles, toys ...and even deal with all that messy stinky baby stuff. And it's C2C! So, maybe it's just me, but i really dig the idea of all these 'wee' kids growing up, hopefully a whole generation of them, whose very first material thing that is fully in their world, is Cradle To Cradle certified! They wont know it for a little while, but somehow i believe that these kids will grow up knowing it, and feeling it, and helping us save life on planet Earth ....now, that's a baby step!

[the even got AMAZING contests!! WeeGeneration]
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Fast Times at Russ College of Engineering and Technology [Aug. 7th, 2007|08:16 am]
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cheap abundant hydrogen is about to become a reality
Frank Neukomm is a smart man. ok he's not Dean Kamen, but man o man would i love to be involved in the games this guy -CEO of American Security Resources Corporation-is playing. He seems like some Gordon Geko but for good worldchanging! Just a month ago he bought MagWind, one of the coolest VAWT companies there is (i guess Mr. Perot Jr. makes better deals than his dad :p ..but what he did this week blew me away! Blew-me-away.

Not content to wait for companies to develop the technologies we need, he went to the core, and just struck a deal with Ohio University to bring chemical and biomolecular engineering associate professor Gerardine Botte's brand new technology to market. And what does it do? It efficiently turns amonia into hydrogen! And he's a nice guy, OU also gets equity in the company --brand new ASRC subsidiary American Hydrogen Corp. See, ASRC was looking at hydrogen feeds to satisfy the hunger of (yet) another subsidiary; HydraFuel Cell Corp, they read Dr. Botte's research and pounced! Well it took a year to do the deal, but now they are ready to go! And why not? Ammonia is made everywhere... you can make it from fermenting waste, and when you look at the molecular structure, it's as easy to split as water. Maybe easier.
I still like making H out of methane myself, as we end up dealing with mitigating a greenhouse gas as well... but heck, cheap hydrogen would be a way to get us using the stuff regularly, and building up the demand for the slightly more expensive approaches. Just one more small step for Frank Neukomm, one giant step for humankind!!

[important note: i have to put a caveat vaporptor on this story. I'd like to believe it's true, but MagWins while a cool idea, may not really be all that hot, and hasn't really produced anything. And that last pitch they has in TH a month ago with a GIANT sized magwind was so pie in the sky... so that, plus a Fuel Cell company, and we have to make sure that this guy isn't just doing one more vaporware stock push... you know like Zapworld does, or Hybrid Technologies, no real product just lots of green hype. we have to at least keep one eye open, ok cowboys?]
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'GARBAGE WARRIOR' ...the trailer [Jul. 28th, 2007|07:54 pm]
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Can't wait to see this movie!!

if you've been reading this for long you know how much i love earthships (if not, here, look), so yeah, psyched to see this movie! It's still in the festival circuit (and getting some pretty good nods) but now being made into a 35mm for theatrical release ....Keep your eyes open for Michael Reynolds, in: GARBAGE WARRIOR!
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things are panning out in the wild west..... [Jul. 23rd, 2007|09:01 am]
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Kholsa's Gevo attracts new 'polylactic CEO' and Sir Richard
Big news last Friday as California's Gevo Inc dropped not one but two bombs on the biofuel world.... it appears they have a new CEO-- one Ptrick Gruber, who's name might sound familiar to you.. and who has touched you-- if you have ever had a bioplastic cup, pen, mug, schwag.... any PLA plastic around is basically from his old haunt (he was CTO at Naturworks/Cargil). But then of course, the big news was Vinod Kholsa's new partner in crime;
Yes! The Branson and his $400M "planet cooling company" is getting on the GEVO train! It's basically the Frances H Arnold Technologies, Gevo has exclusive rights to the stuff-- and any friend of cellulostic ethanol is a friend of ours, right? I just wish "Sir B" would have shown up at the conference with Kholsa airdropping himself to the podium, or skydiving in... you know something Branson-style ...but hey, even without the spectacle, it's quite spectacular!
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Epuron Commercial! [Jul. 9th, 2007|07:58 am]
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if you haven't seen it yet, this is the best commercial of the year!
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Did you hear the one about the Sanibel Beach Inevntor? [Jul. 8th, 2007|07:27 am]
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Florida Islander Invents Salt Water Fuel(?)

This article is a little high on claims and kinda light on details, but interesting none the less... it seems that a man in Florida was tinkering with some machines... from what i can tell he was playing around with some sort of Rife/Prioré/Clark frequency generators for cancer treatment (While that part may sound odd to you, check out those three links up there, it's really no different than an opera singer hitting the resonant frequency of crystal and shattering that -just a lot smaller...)

"Observing a bright blue flame, John Kanzius claims that it is salt water and salt water alone that is burning inside a test tube ....During his garage experiments Kanzius says he ignited plain old salt water with the same radio wave generator he was using in his cancer treatment." Wow. If this is true, the implications are huge!! read more: "Kanzius gave technicians at a Pennsylvania machine manufacturer a demonstration of his discovery. 'We saw it go up to 1500 degrees centigrade. That temperature, that's incredible,' exclaims a lab technician." And back shed or not-- this guy is not some backwoods invent, he's been using the flaming salt water to power a stirling engine, so obviously he knows a thing or two.... way to go Mr. Kanzius! This shows promise, and I hope to read about your name tree times for every one time i come across those stupid Steorn people :DD
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who says you cant go back? [Jul. 8th, 2007|07:04 am]
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Local Boy (me) Does Good!
...So I come back to my home town for a few days and look what happens, I end up on the cover of the newspaper (...with no handcuffs!) I mean I came back to help this writer, who was writing about the Montréal Jazz Festival (the biggest festival in the world according to the Guinness people-- world records, not stout). It seems that they were busy saying they are greening the fest, and "an industry leader in their greening ready to show other events how to do it" .... and If that's the industry leader, we're in trouble. Fortunately, they aren't. And the writer knew that, after all he was out on a particular farm in Tennessee last week, and you-know-who gave him a full-on green tour...

at the time he didn't even know i was from Montreal, but when he found out i was Montréalais he asked me to come to the Jazz fest and help him see if the greening was just greenwashing (turns out it was more like green-rinsing, here, read all about it). So I did, and I knew that he was going to reference Bonnaroo as an example of a green show... but I had no idea that it was going to be like this. And above the fold, wow! Thanks Gazette! Thanks Benjamin! Hopefully this will lead to really greening the Jazz Fest ...and the Just Pour Rire ...and any other Montreal green fests (already working on Osheaga)... I miss my city!
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Bonnaroo 2007: an intimate green gatherig :p [Jun. 30th, 2007|07:07 pm]

the tents are down, the kids safely home...
It's two weeks since.. and my throat has almost finally coughed out the last bits of Tennessee drought-dust, now recuperated, and almost done catching up with everything back home after i took off for two weeks, once again, as you probably know, to moonlight at Bonnaroo and help with the greening (there are many others involved in greening Bonnaroo-- the amazing clean vibes waste geniuses, the planet roo team & their education & outreach "green ambassadors" the concessions peeps, art & decor peeps, electrical and operations, and of course Suprefly Presents, the promoters, who are willing to step and help turn this long strange trip into a boundary stretching green experiment).

So 100 bands and i got to only see 1 1/2* shows!! (gotta maybe pile some extra work on my greening volunteers next year and catch some choonz, while I'm there and all... *i did get to catch Apollo Sunshine however who are my favorite, so it's no big deal. really. even though there were so many I would have loved to see. Then again, my trailer was about 50M behind the second stage (what is called "Which Stage?" as opposed to the main stage which is called "What Stage?"). so i got to hear A LOT of shows like White Stripes, Franti, Franz Ferdinand, Flaming Lips (saw a little of that one)... But really, the music is fun, and i love live music, but that's not why i go, right, but to help create the greenest event the world has ever seen (which we're now into year two of what i think will take 3-5 years max before it becomes the headturning green experience that i know its going to become but i can't tell y'all just everything right here... there's some behind the scenes stuff that you'll just have to wait for..

Still all in all it was way greener than last year, and still so many things to tweak more (a lot of time for me is also spent scurrying around the grounds-- in an EV-- taking notes on what needs to be fixed, redone, greener more!). But we had some new milestones, like 300 gallons of VOC free paint, all paper (programs, newspapers) printed on 100% recycled, and programs even on hemp/flax/preconsumer/ postconsumer/FSC blended paper.... and some WAY heavy meetings with lots of green energy peeps and other dignitaries figuring out how pest to proceed with the waycool green techs... Much more to tell you about... thats for sure.. but for now here's some other people's writing on it....

we got a nod from Little Stevie Van Zandt (yes BadaBing Owner Silvio-- and/or mandolin player for The Boss) in the Hollywood Reporter, here's what we did for the 550 Tons of CO2 still emitted by the fest, and here's a pretty good evaluation of everything from blogger JP Gorman who the rest of the week had only gushing reviews of the fest though here, not so much... also there's John Parles from the NYT kicks in with his own effort to help us green by going after a certain type of fan (the kind who miss a lot of the action sitting in their car with the AC running) Just watch out John, next year we're working on getting Uncle Wade out to the event, so there will be another green NYT reporter on the prowl....

ok thats about it for now, but i wanted to share this with you: it's a pic of my greening volunteer, Levi, who in almost no time (with a little help) got a school bus, turned it into an SVO straight veggie bus, jimmy rigged two PV panels on the roof (and retractable solar shower) and filled the bus up with seven of his pals (who were all volunteers recycling for clean vibes). He was an awesome addition to the team! Enthusiastic, levelheaded, dependable and keen for green! A true pleasure having him lighten my load and never stop texting me: "I'm at the Roots show with my GF now.. but do you need anything?" And if i did he would take off to help me. Levi and his clan rock!
here's levi showing off the SVO kit sponsored by LoveCraft (and a close up)
..they drove back home to California on the veggie oil that had been frying food for the 80,000 hungry kids all weekend (it was collected and filtered for them, cause they're such sweeties!)
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Trust me ....I'm in a think-tank! [May. 14th, 2007|01:37 am]
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What Climate Worry?
Well it's always interesting when climate deniers all of the sudden scurry up onto the soapbox to become promoters of climate solutions, right? When they stop even doubting the anthropogenic causes and turn coats 180 degrees. Always interesting... and even more so when its from the AEI, the American Enterprise Institute (which houses of course Fred "2nd hand smoke does not harm the baby" Singer, as well as the bloodthirsty and obsequious Michael "Nuke 'em All" Ledeen... but that is in fact what just happened today (maybe it has something to do with Exxon no longer funding climate skeptics). In a recently released "opinion piece" Joel Schwartz writes that scientist of course are dead set against having a "warmer but richer" planet, and also that the only real way to deal with climate change (now that it is real), is to fill the atmosphere with sulfur and other particulate (just like chemtrails.... but real?). Geoengineering is our only way out he says, and those damn scientists! They just don't seem to get that. Schwartz does, of course, because he's not a scientist (he does have an MS in planetary Sciences, but he spent much more time with the RAND Corporation (nice) and working for the Orwellian "Coalition for Clean Air" (which managed to set back clean air regulations across Florida). Trust me, anything this guy is going to promote is a danger to every living thing.
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