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the 22nd Carnival of the Green!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen ...Step Right UP!
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...and witness the miracles of the modern age!! See creatures who live in two worlds at once: pining for more halcyon days of pastoral e-nomadism, while pouring their hearts & minds onto a screen!! See these green geeks and geekettes in their natural habitat!! ..And witness their uncanny ability to mobilize every week on a new site!!

Yes! That's right! Welcome to the 22nd Carnival of the Green!!

~~hosted by your's truly.

The travelling CotG is quite something. It's like this huge sticky rolling blobject that travels through the green-blogsphere, picking up stories from all nooks and crannies, collecting them up as it spans far and wide... and each week, it's up to one lucky participant to grab all the fresh culls, and make some sense of it. Collate, if you will ...So before even commencing on this journey, a big shout out and round of drinks applause to carnival founders AL ((the City Hippy)) and Nick ((Triple Pundit and web building genius)) Who Made this whole thing possible. Last wewk's Carnival was hosted by Green Thinkers, and next week it will be at the Organic Authority. So, now, without further ado, let's um, roll...
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10 Free ways
There are so many green products out there to choose from - but our budgets don't always allow us to take part in mass green consumerism. So Melissa in her L.A. Green Living blog put together a few ideas about how we can live each day feeling green, even when we don't have the dough to buy that new Prius or bamboo flooring or all-organic hair conditioner. Read it up in her great post called 10 Free Ways to Be Green.

The Weather Makers
...I'm always a sucker for climate crunking, So, I thoroughly enjoyed Dave from How to Save The world's offering, an extensive review of Tim Flannery's new climate change book The Weather Makers. As a variation of the theme, HTSTW offers 11 steps one can take to slow down gobal warming, and some solutions called "contatrction & convergence." Dave also has some awesome sidebars I just wanted to mention. So while your're at his blog, be sure to scroll down on the right hand side.. There are these two great sidebars 'what do bloggers want from readers', and 'what do readers want from bloggers'. I really found these to be cutting edge, thanks Dave!

Wooly Worsted Greensleeves
The Worsted Witch says: "I kick off my Greensleeves series with an overview on sustainable textiles and how they're certified. Future Greensleeves posts will concentrate on sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soysilk..." She covers lots of gound and supplies one with all the links they would need, should they seek organic certfiication. Worsted witch is informative, fun to read, and has great style!

Can I get an Amen?
Clicking in with 26, DB, The Evangelical Ecologist sweeps up this week's CotG Most-links-in-a-post prize! He says "Just a simple post of environmental news and links from around the world, from a conservative/evangelical perspective (as always)." So get your weekly dose, get the Spirit! Go EvanEco!

Green Jenni
The road to sustainable living can sometimes be a bumpy ride. This month Jen's Green Journal is working on a series of posts where she documents her first hand experiences, called Good Green, Bad Green which "is a kind of self-analysis of what I'm doing right and what I need to do to improve" In Good Green, Bad Green: Fluorescent Hues and Plastic Blues, she's invested in compact fluorescents and rechargable batteries, but needs to work on how much plastic she uses. And in Consumtion 'sumption, what's your function?, she details her good and bad consumption habits.

A Word From Our Founding Hippy
Al from CityHippy offers a breakdown of the key issues consumers can consider when buying food. And spending more does not always mean greener. Often being green means spending less. Learn more in City Hippy's Ethical Food

The Groovy Green Team has some fun stories this week. There's a description of Thin Solar Factory Being Built and a funny piece called Senator Ted Stevens Hates Wind. The picture of Ted and the story are just too funny, you'd think this kind of politician would have been exctinct by now. Thanks GG, for exposing this dinosaur!

Hey! We're Trendy!!
George, the Dirty Greek Peterson writes about how Green topics are becoming trendy.
(ok maybe not as trendy as Carny movies. No, maybe more...)

Oh! The Irony!
The Savvy Vegetarians have a good question to ask. Judy (Savvy) chats with Veggie Talk's Nava Atlas, and together they express how they are perpetually puzzled by environmentalists who simply ignore the vegetarian connection. and they address this in their post entitiled; "Help Reduce Global Warming By Going Veg."

Coming to an iPod Near You
Nick Astor, the 3xPundit, has a link up to CurrentTV. Why? Because He and Treehugger founder Graham Sweetypie, get interviewed live from the floor at SXSW! Nice! Catch the two green bloggers at SXSW, in Austin, talking about the origins of TreeHugger and the philosophy behind its success ((and watch Current editing/interview staff TOTALLY NOT GET IT-- in fact, do exactly the opposite of what GH and NA say... I don't want to spoil it, but the more TH express being savvy and with-it, the more Current pushes hippies, hemp, tie dies and other cliches....funny, weird, but still great to hear Graham (ok Hill, not Sweetypie) and Nick talking....))

the politics of canvassing
It is a rare thing when you get to accuse a politician of brevity! But then again how many politicians have blogs? And run for the green party? Not that many I would guess... ((oh and extra bonus points for anyone who can guess the politics in the aboove carnival picture)). So, anyway, Natalie at Philobiblon, has done all of this and more, where she describes her experiences while Canvassing for the Green Party in the local elections in London

ecomashup culturejamming
Enrique at Common Ground talks about that DonaldTrump/Chevy debacle (ad campaign gone terribly terribly wrong). He writes; "No longer content with mocking SUV drivers, activists turn Chevy's viral marketing campaign promoting gas- guzzling Tahoe's into a farce." Check out his site too, not just the one links-- Cause theres also a great Common Ground piece on the carbohydrate economy! Go Enrique!!

the sad truth dept.
OMG. I had no idea!! And I wish I didn't know (well, almost). Over at EarthEco, Alexandra Cousteau wrote a piece about the practice of shark finning, or "slicing off the fins of the shark and throwing the rest of the animal back overboard." This has got to stop! I mean aside from the disgustingness, it doesn't cure cancer, you know, totally unexcusable, gotta stop it!

Undercover Ops
Tracy, over at Healthy Wealthy and Wise, decided to get to the bottom of the WalMart story. Well, from the Point of View of a consumer. Yes~ She disguised herself (as a WalMart shopper) and went a lookin' for all the organic stuff that us green bloggers have all been yammering on about.... Find out what Tracy discovers in her post "Mission To Walmart", her first-hand account...

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
Harlan from Greener Magazine writes a story called HAZ-TO-GO, a close encounter of the hazardous waste kind. You won't believe what we can save and recycle.

coo coo for cocoa!
Last but not least, and ending the way we started with an eco-minded LA green superforce, is Siel, the GreenLA Girl who has submitted a post called "Sweet coca -- and all fair trade!" It reports on the first chocolates made with fair trade cocoa AND fair trade sugar :) Yum!

Well thats it! Phew! I guess I might as well add something from my last week of blogging... There's some big PlugPower/Honda news, some free energy machines, <3 to EcoChick, a political rant(!), Some DIY tools to make your life better, and a bunch more.... But no link. I mean, all you have to do is scroll down....

So thanks for checking out the Carnival of the Green! Be sure to check out the Organic Authority next week... and, carnival on doods!
WAIT! Stop the Presses (so easy when its all vitual)!!
It seems that my overzealous spam bot thot that a carnival submission from Jacqui over at EnviroPundit was spam... so I regret missing this the first time, and now am happy to bring you this encore performance!!. Her post is a discussion about an obstacle that a building in Philly is facing that will affect its green building rating and its chances of becoming the largest green building in the US. She also talk about problems in Philly's building industry in general. (((so YES she talks about how the Unions are figting them waterless urinals... ahh the power of the Workers...)) So before u go, check out the latest addition! Thanks!

Carnival of the Green
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