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WARNING: Balck is Black Life is part easy part not easy and journalists need to get more inspiration

I'm not a violent man, but everyone has their threshold.....
....notice how i didn't say "every man has his TIPPING POINT" and there's a reason ...because each time that a phrase gets used --especially in questionable contexts-- it gets a little more hackneyed. And so we see it with that TippingPoint, which went from Malcolm Gladwell's tehory of viruses to a generic term to describe any popular movement, watershed... any event even remotely related to change... and that doesn't help. But there is no warning there, if you choose to use 'tipping point go ahead' ..'till your heart is content. Personally I think there's a lot more back breaking straws, opened floodgates, and other phenoms to describe what is going on... but if you like TP, far be it from me.

But that is where I draw the line. If you go beyond that, watch out. And no more pussyfooting, here's what you are no longer allowed to say; "Green is the new black." NEVER! OK? Is that clear? If you are a journalist, Andrew Revkin aside, and you even think of saying something so milquetoast and overused, please think before you mash on that keyboard. Please. Its been done to death. It has been written over and over again, and it's boring. It took google .20 seconds to show me; Results 1 - 10 of about 149,000 for "Green is the new black" (in quotes!) and in the past 14 days there have been 16 newspaper "journalists" and 1,312 blog entries who have beat that dead old phrase.. I mean please.... do you not see what you are doing?? If its sooooooo hot, that means that next week/month/season you'll be a-searchin' for the next new black, the next new trend... leaving all the eco-fashionistas in the dust with rollerskates, satin pants, hairflips, capri pants and whatever else has fallen out of vogue...

And that is not what the world-changing designers are all about.... They aren't just being fashionable... it's not capriciousness that has made people realize that they dont feel good when making money at the expense of the planet... Thats a paradigm shift, not whimsy. So warning #1, you say Greenisnewblack anywhere near me, and expect to get bopped on the nose. Say it in print (and I will find out about it) and you loose all cred. Instantly. Warning #1.
Now, warning #2 is even more serious. Because I'm not messing around, I am serious about this, and you better realize that if you are a journalist (Andy Revkin aside, cause he just has too much class) you just better not write what I am about to (reluctantly) write. The phrase "It's not easy being green" belongs to Walt Disney. They own the muppets now. They even pimped out Kermit the frog in LA a few weeks ago to sing the song at the car show for GM. And don't think because you do the derivative "It's Easy Being Green" you are any better, you are still riffing off intellectual property. And that is the achilles heel because here I can and will shut you up-- of course the irony here, if you have seen my old movies, esp. ECI is that i did a mashup of kermit in a climate change video myself... with Ray Charles ....even in the mashup had K the F sing that it's "Easy being green" (mashups rule) BUT THAT WAS TEN YEARS AGO! I would never think of doing that now--- not because it's illegal to use other people's intellectual property (please do that!), but because every journo and their grandmother is slapping that witticism up in their weekly column or OpEd piece. and you know what... say something 1,000 times people believe it... say it's not easy 10,000 times and it is easy 5,000 times and people get confused... and shut off-- and here too, once a day you get it's not easy.. once every three days you get it is easy --in the MSMs-- and blogwise, this month ther eare about 2,000 easy and 8,000 not easy... get it?? That's enough!

So beware Louisville Courier-Journal, Ottawa Citizen, Roanoak Times, and even you GreenWatch... I'm onto you... and here's where the warning gets stiff: Like i said before this is the property of Walt Disney. They have so many lawyers at Disney that the legal department has a legal department. And one thing they don't take kindly to at Disney is people using their stuff without their permission (you wanna really piss 'em off take without permission then use for your own personal political agenda.. that makes 'em really snappy...[don't believe me click here to hear an actual Disney Lawyer talking to an actual Intellectual Property thief]). So the warning is as follows: from now on, as soon as I see someone using that poor phrase, now fully flogged postmortem, i will capture a screen-shot and send it to the Disney Legal department. Is that clear?

Thank you for your co-operation!

The Management.
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