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Bonnaroo 2007: an intimate green gatherig :p - Exuberant Pantaphobia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bonnaroo 2007: an intimate green gatherig :p [Jun. 30th, 2007|07:07 pm]

the tents are down, the kids safely home...
It's two weeks since.. and my throat has almost finally coughed out the last bits of Tennessee drought-dust, now recuperated, and almost done catching up with everything back home after i took off for two weeks, once again, as you probably know, to moonlight at Bonnaroo and help with the greening (there are many others involved in greening Bonnaroo-- the amazing clean vibes waste geniuses, the planet roo team & their education & outreach "green ambassadors" the concessions peeps, art & decor peeps, electrical and operations, and of course Suprefly Presents, the promoters, who are willing to step and help turn this long strange trip into a boundary stretching green experiment).

So 100 bands and i got to only see 1 1/2* shows!! (gotta maybe pile some extra work on my greening volunteers next year and catch some choonz, while I'm there and all... *i did get to catch Apollo Sunshine however who are my favorite, so it's no big deal. really. even though there were so many I would have loved to see. Then again, my trailer was about 50M behind the second stage (what is called "Which Stage?" as opposed to the main stage which is called "What Stage?"). so i got to hear A LOT of shows like White Stripes, Franti, Franz Ferdinand, Flaming Lips (saw a little of that one)... But really, the music is fun, and i love live music, but that's not why i go, right, but to help create the greenest event the world has ever seen (which we're now into year two of what i think will take 3-5 years max before it becomes the headturning green experience that i know its going to become but i can't tell y'all just everything right here... there's some behind the scenes stuff that you'll just have to wait for..

Still all in all it was way greener than last year, and still so many things to tweak more (a lot of time for me is also spent scurrying around the grounds-- in an EV-- taking notes on what needs to be fixed, redone, greener more!). But we had some new milestones, like 300 gallons of VOC free paint, all paper (programs, newspapers) printed on 100% recycled, and programs even on hemp/flax/preconsumer/ postconsumer/FSC blended paper.... and some WAY heavy meetings with lots of green energy peeps and other dignitaries figuring out how pest to proceed with the waycool green techs... Much more to tell you about... thats for sure.. but for now here's some other people's writing on it....

we got a nod from Little Stevie Van Zandt (yes BadaBing Owner Silvio-- and/or mandolin player for The Boss) in the Hollywood Reporter, here's what we did for the 550 Tons of CO2 still emitted by the fest, and here's a pretty good evaluation of everything from blogger JP Gorman who the rest of the week had only gushing reviews of the fest though here, not so much... also there's John Parles from the NYT kicks in with his own effort to help us green by going after a certain type of fan (the kind who miss a lot of the action sitting in their car with the AC running) Just watch out John, next year we're working on getting Uncle Wade out to the event, so there will be another green NYT reporter on the prowl....

ok thats about it for now, but i wanted to share this with you: it's a pic of my greening volunteer, Levi, who in almost no time (with a little help) got a school bus, turned it into an SVO straight veggie bus, jimmy rigged two PV panels on the roof (and retractable solar shower) and filled the bus up with seven of his pals (who were all volunteers recycling for clean vibes). He was an awesome addition to the team! Enthusiastic, levelheaded, dependable and keen for green! A true pleasure having him lighten my load and never stop texting me: "I'm at the Roots show with my GF now.. but do you need anything?" And if i did he would take off to help me. Levi and his clan rock!
here's levi showing off the SVO kit sponsored by LoveCraft (and a close up)
..they drove back home to California on the veggie oil that had been frying food for the 80,000 hungry kids all weekend (it was collected and filtered for them, cause they're such sweeties!)

[User Picture]From: birdbard
2007-07-02 04:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, super cool! Make sure you see more music next year, you can't save the world by yourself, and music feeds your soul so you can do more more more green green green! lol...
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