scalarparty (scalarparty) wrote,

Maudit Silicon!!!! Attend que'on l'pogne le p'tit câlisse

Quebecois silicon co from Timmins, owned by the Dutch, gets the duckets

What do you get if you cross Shania Twain and Celine Dion? I don't know, but I don't wanna hear it :P But I do know this: Celine is from Quebec, just like me, cirque du soleil, Poutine, the director of the Night at the Museum movies, William Shatner, and Monsieur Rene Boisvert. Who's that last guy? he's the CEO of Becancour Silicon, a company owned by Timminco, who of course, are based in Timmins (Canada's 69th largest city. no really i swear it's true). Timmins was famous for gold a hundred years ago, De Beers has a diamond mine there, and due to a hundred years + of underground mines, they're also famous for huge sudden sink holes. And yes, Cowboy Junkies and Shania are both from there (though neither the twain ever met).

"So what?" I hear you saying... and rightfully so. actually this isn't a huge story, so maybe the preamble wasn't worth it. But yesterday was a good day for Monsiuer Boisvert and Timminco, that's for sure. Investissement Quebec just loaned them $25M to ramp up their Solar Grade Silicon (SoG-Si) plant. Is it too late? As you know I was yelling and foaming at the mouth about the shortage of solar grade silicon, four years ago.... And the problem was that from 95-99 experts were warning of the coming shortage... but since at least '006 there have been so many SoG-Si plants coming online that there is almost a threat of a glut. Plus we have CIGs, NanoSolar, so many non-silicon solar mtals coming out, that you have to ask if there is even a need for any more SoG-Si plants (((and no one has yet used that Russian/NREL way to make SoG-si without chlorine and only 1/3 of the electricity))), at least that would make cheap SoG-Si which will never go out of style!

So is it just in time?? or way too late? I just wanna get me some Quebecois solar panels, hostie....
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