scalarparty (scalarparty) wrote,

time flies...

My tenure as in-house green guy at that green living magazine/show/energy/whatnot company has long past, and as they say, onwards and upwards, right? And i think after that stint, I probably won't be writing as much ever again (nothing against it, but it's not my main thang). Here are my favorite articles i got to write for them. They're kinda funny if you've been reading my LJ for some time, and then you see the way editors change the voice to suit the publication. So if you want to see a neutered version of my rants + raves, here's 1) E-assist bikes, 2) The Purolator Quicksider 3)He Shots He Scores Greener Hockey! 4) Is Your T-Shirt Toxic? 4) Resuscitating T-shirts and 5) the Oscar for green awards goes to...
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