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Tell The Truth - they teach it in Kindergarten, FFS

First!!Greenest!!Best!Fastest!Cheapest!!! "Step right up (suckers)...."

You wanna do something good for the planet? I mean really good? Well it's easy. STOP BULLSHITTING!!! Really, it's that easy. But in case you don't gestalt this-- let me explain what I mean: If you've read this LJ for some time you know I take umbrage to overselling, and hyperbole, and people who are too lazy to see that they aren't the "first" when they shove out their PR blasts telling us that they have "the first--- (fill in the blank-- first solar jacket, first PHEV, first solar panel...).... Why do I have such a hate on for this flim-flamery? Well it's easy to see really-- you oversell a green product, the consumer takes it home, finds that it does not meet their expectations, and then they become a spokesperson for the "don't bother with that Green BS" campaign. 'Cause they got burnt.

Haven't y'all ever heard of underselling??

Case in point is the whole hacked-climatologist scandal that is now turning AGW into a four-letter word... If those guilty parties (and they do exist on any side of the political spectrum) actually undersold, avoided hyperbole, and were transparent with what they know and what thy can't yet tell-- then the über-right wouldn't have all that ammo that they now have in droves..

But what got me all pissed off about this this morning you ask? Well it's because of some site called EcoMii. Which to be honest looks like oh, about 50 other green sites online. I got sent there because of something i was looking for (which they didn't have, BTW, no matter how good their SEO is). What really tweaked me tho was this; in their site's "Who Are We" section" they had this gem: "Todd O’Donald brings more than 13 years of experience in the interactive media industry to his role as CEO and co-founder of ecomii, the most popular ‘green’ lifestyle destination online."

Most Popular Green Site???? Really? It made me go check out Alexa. Really, is this the most popular green lifestyle destination? Really? Well Alexa agrees with me-- not by a freaking longshot! According to Alexa EcoMii's ranking is 47,784 and yesterday they reached 0.0007% of the global internet. Hearst Corp.'s Daily Green does better than that (ranked at 16,000) and Mother Nature News - celebrating its 1st-year anniversary January 9th, and started by Rolling Stone keyboardist Chuck Leavell-- is already more 'popular' ranking at 11,240 and yesterday reaching 0.014% of the global net. And [arguably the most popular green lifestyle destination] is ranked 2,712 and yesterday they reached 0.094% of the global internet. So, Todd, what did you learn in those 13 years in 'interactive media' did you learn that it's cool in the green world to talk at people as if they are idiots? As if they can't use google? As if they are sheeple? Because LOHAS consumers are MORE savvy than the mean, and more loyal than a tween to a pop-tart. And they don't like being told what to think. So telling green consumers that you are the most popular destination when that obviously isn't the case is just more hyperbolic bullshitting. And now, you are branded with the scarlet letter (or at least with the greenwash letter)

If your system takes TWO DAYS to install don't sell it as a 1/2 day installation! If it amortizes in two years say that, don't say 18 months! If you can get 60km on a charge, don't say 80km* (*driving under 45kmh). Really it's not that tough. I am sure your local chamber of commerce of Better Business org will have plenty for you to read up if you aren't clear on the concept-- but really, unless you wanna see more pics like below, can we stop the bullshit already?
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