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Hemp For Victory!

Hemp Food Sales Grow 50 Percent Over Last Year; Canadian Farmers Triple Hemp Acreage to 24,000 in 2005
I read both of those awesome stats on a release that just recently got slipped under the door. The news and stats, interestingly enough comes not from Agriculture Canada, but from the Hemp Industries Association, or HIA (pronounced "high-yeah") Annual conference in San Francisco (a place without which, we wouldn't have had the war on marijuana, nor hippies!). The data on annual retail sales of hemp food compiled by Leson & Associates shows a "50 percent increase, from an estimated $8 million during the 12-months reference period in 2003/04 to almost $12 million in 2004/05. During the same period, retail sales of hemp body care products grew by 15 percent from $35 million to about $40 million in 2004/05. Market wide data on the much larger sales of hemp fiber-based products such as clothing, paper and auto parts was not part of this new research, but should be available next year," the report said.. (Hemp paper, clothing, and fibers for auto parts are huge cash cows for hemp farmers, so you can imagine these numbers indicate the trends and growth but are tiny, compared to the real numbers). And as you already know, Hemp can really procure almost anything:
And according to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA), the trade association representing all sectors of the Canadian hemp industry, Canadian farmers planted over 24,000 acres of hemp in 2005. This is almost triple the 2004 acreage and 6 times the 2002 acreage of about 4,000 acres. Canadian farmers are reporting net profits of $200 to $250 per acre and are very pleased to have a successful alternative crop. And of course, in the United States it is still illegal. Some members of Congress are trying to change the federal ban to allow states to regulate hemp farming. This summer H.R. 3037, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2005 was introduced but has yet to get a hearing and is unlikely to become law this year. Currently fourteen states have passed pro-hemp legislation. But still the weed, which was once mandatory to grow for all farmers in the USA, which could also easily share the burden of fossil-free biodiesel while manufacturing car parts, TNT, micro fibers, paint and all these hippie products you can already buy in a health store... is illegal and controlled by the DEA.
You may have even heard of Henry Ford's Car built entirely from hemp plastics:
here he's smashing it with a hammer to show how tough the hemp plastic is:
ford hammer
And of course today (thanks to 65 years of prohibition) you can buy Hemp Plastic Frisbees frisbee and hemp plastic scales (to um, weigh hemp's wacky cousin-- I've actually said before that sometimes I think that potheads do industrial hemp a disservice ---and they should not be designing jeans. Even when made with hemp!) hippies

Now you are probably asking (unless you've already been cornered at least once by a hemp-wearing patchouli stinkin dreadlocked hempster). If the stuff is all that, then why is it illegal in the first place? Especially when even the government made films (after it was illegal) urging everyone to grow hemp? H4V. Why would a country want to use all these toxic chemicals when there was a plant that could do the very same thing? Why would anyone in their right mind want to spew and burn dirty polluting oils instead of clean green closed-loop hemp biodiesel? And what could it possibly have to do with racism, fear and a few good 'ol dirty scoundrel robber barons? Well, funny you should ask; Meet the ghouls:
sour Mellon Here's the dapper and not at all living dead Andrew Mellon, founder of Gulf Oil. This zombie knew that hemp was able to be used for all these purposes and in the mid 30's, new technologies came out to make industrial hemp even easier to process. Mellon figured out that either the farmers across the land get paid extra to grow a secondary crop of hemp, or him. There was no way he could sell his gooey waste from processing gasoline (to make plastics and synthetics), if the farmers were allowed to sell their weeds... Fortunately he was also Secretary of the Treasury for the USA, and as Secretary of the Treasury he created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and appointed his own future nephew-in-law, Harry Anslinger (more on this little worm later), to push the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 through Congress, which successfully destroyed the rebirth of the cannabis hemp industry (and an interesting side note: the "Marijuana act" only said the M word once, the rest of the document is all about Hemp in any shape or form) he got his old business partners from the spindletop oil days (now all congressmen and powerbrokers) to vote for it, and blam! Cheech and Chong are illegal.

They had a lot of help. There was the semi-human Irenee Du Pont, ((lovely guy, obsessed with Hitler's principles. He keenly followed the career of the future Fuhrer in the 1920s, and on September 7, 1926, in a speech to the American Chemical Society, he advocated a race of supermen, to be achieved by injecting special drugs into them in boyhood to make their characters to order." Du Pont's anti-Semitism "matched that of Hitler" and, in 1933, the Du Ponts "began financing native fascist groups in America . . ." one of which was the American Liberty League: "a Nazi organization whipping up hatred of blacks and Jews," and the "love of Hitler. Later using General Motors money to finance the notorious Black Legion, the terrorist organization which had as its purpose the prevention of automobile workers from unionizing. The members wore hoods and black robes, with skulls and crossbones. They fire-bombed union meetings, murdered union organizers, often by beating them to death, and dedicated their lives to destroying Jews and communists. Du Pont support of Hitler extended into the very heart of the Nazi war machine as well, General Motors, under the control of the Du Pont family of Delaware, played a part in collaboration with the Nazis between 1932 and 1939, bosses of General Motors poured $30 million into I.G. Farben plants and by the mid-1930s, General Motors was committed to full-scale production of trucks, armored cars, and tanks in Nazi Germany. GM's chief executive for overseas operations [James Mooney] was awarded the Order of the German Eagle (first class) by Adolf Hitler. Lastly, Du Pont-GM Nazi collaboration included the participation of Standard Oil of New Jersey [now Exxon] in one, very important arrangement. GM and Standard Oil of New Jersey formed a joint subsidiary with the giant Nazi chemical cartel, I.G. Farben, named Ethyl G.m.b.H. [now Ethyl, Inc.] which provided the mechanized German armies with synthetic tetraethyl fuel [leaded gas]. During 1936-39, at the urgent request of Nazi officials who realized that Germany's scarce petroleum reserves would not satisfy war demands, GM and Exxon joined with German chemical interests in the erection of the lead-tetraethyl plants. According to captured German records, these facilities contributed substantially to the German war effort.)) Obviously Du Pont wanted to control every aspect of their supply chain, and working with peasants just didn't seem right-- they wanted to get paid for their work! Everything would be easier if they could just use petrochemicals instead.

The last piece in the puzzle is the venerable William Randolph Hearst his spawn still rules the airwaves and newspapers to this day even though the guy single-handedly invented yellow journalism, and it's a safe bet to say that the disinformation of a Fox News would never have been possible were it not for WR Hearst (asshole first class). Rosebud this is the guy who really got it all together and is public enemy # 1 when it comes to making it illegal. Hearst owned a majority of the newspapers in America back in the day-- and he also had logging rights from Mexico all the way up to the Pacific Northwest (at the time he was using the cheaper Mexican trees as their labor was virtually free). Then unrest started, it looked like he would lose the Mexican logging rights (and never forgave the entire people after that) and had to start cutting in the Pacific Northwest. Well, again, the problem was that people didn't necessarily want the redwoods to be cut and pulped for news rags. And hemp was now being made into great quality newsprint. How would Hearst ever get to kill all the forests if hemp was available? So he hired Mellon's Nephew, that Harry Anslinger guy, who started to write stories that shocked and appalled Americans.

It turned out-- much to everyone's surprise-- that a drug scourge from Mexico (ha! tell me I can’t cut their trees!) called Marihuanna this drug apparently turned people into flesh eating zombies and madmen. The immediately addictive ("one puff and you’re hooked for life") Mexican import it was said was mixing black people and white people (Horrors!), and black men who smoked it would even look into a white woman's eye! Something had to be done about this marihuahua.... before all of our kids turn into negro-loving M-heads and go on wild narco-fuelled killing sprees... They used every racists trick in the book, conjuring up such bogeymen that the population was whipped up into a frenzy. Now the neat trick they had was this: no one knew what marihuahua was.. Though they did know about hemp, because everyone always grew hemp (in the US you could pay your taxes with it). And the buds, the part that gets you high when you smoke it, only grows when you separate the male and female plants (George Washington talked a lot about that in his diaries). It was known to everyone... in fact the medical establishment of the day used Canabis in many of its prescriptions (much like medical marijuana these days). They were actually shocked (AMA) when the marihuana tax act came out because only then did they realize that this marihoohoo they were reading about was actually Canabis. But it was too late.... the law was passed.
Interestingly enough, the same time (1939) that that happened a slew of new things got patented like Nylon, Chemicals, and a host of other synthetics from Du Pont and co. And what did Hearst get for all his chicaneries?
SatanSimeon Kinda like Neverland for a dirty old man...

And of course now we are awash in plastic particles, they're choking out our oceans. The chemical spew that 60 years of Du Pont and Exxon and Gulf and the rest of 'em has left a legacy we might never be able to heal. But al least on the good side, things are turning around.... Obviously as this post stated with--- Canada is advancing the processing and the markets, as is China and Eastern Europe. And there are many American companies that are purchasing lots and lots of hemp, because it may be illegal to grow it still but you can't get arrested for selling hot hemp jeans Image hosted by (see what happens once the hippies stop designing the product?)

Now what i think ought to happen is we have to break the chain! I think, somehow, we have to get to this freakazoid:
rosebbudIII That's socialite Lydia Hearst. Ok, maybe i wasn't being fair, you see, I didn't mean to make so much fun of her just because she's the heir and legacy-owner of one of the top-10 evilest people in American history... I mean, i think we can help this girl out. Look she's obviously hurting from the genetic imbalance of assholeness... and poor girl, it seems her role model is BF4EVA pal, Paris H:
doingaparis So, what I'm suggesting for both her benefit and really for all of ours-- is that we get this girls wrapped up in some swank hemp products like these fancy=pants from Japan Image hosted by She'll not only look less like a vapid and useless vain waste of resources and may actually be able to swing a press-tide so that the press gang up on industrial hemp the way they now are for green roofs. Come on Lydia we need this, and you have to clean the past from the sins of your forefather.... ok ready? Let’s go!
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