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New Kids on the SoG-Si Block

ok now this one is just a hunch... and I will be following it up over the next few weeks-- though I warn you, it won't be easy....
So for about two months now, I've been looking for clues as to what happened to that chlorine-free way to manufacture Solar Grade Silicon. I know that it was developed with the NREL and Sandia but for some reason the tech fell into the hands of Intersolar, a Russian solar research company (and let me tell you-- bugging them and sending multiple emails will do nothing!) It seems like such a great technological fix-- using 1/3 of the electricity and considerably less toxic (oh and cheaper, too). Now a reminder, this is just a hunch. But those guys up there....

See, I just got an email PR release from Kazinform, the leading Kazakh business information portal. It says that Satpayev Kazakh Scientific and Technical University led by Rector Dosym Suleyev, Metallurgy and Enrichment Institute, Physics and Technology Institute, and a number of other research institutions and higher educational establishments of the Education and Science Ministry of Kazakhstan participated in drafting a plan that the governemnt accepted. And the plan is to begin full cycle manufacturing of Solar Grade Silicon.

Apparently, Kazakhstan possesses the richest high grade raw materials stocks, 65M tons of fine quality crystalline silica and 267M tons of silica stone suited for silicon production. And they are psyched to get into the game...

Then the report goes on to say that: The scientists of our institute have worked out semiconducting silicon extraction technology regarded as the most promising in this field. There is no alternative to it not only in Russia but also in the former-USSR. And thats when I said HEY!!! Hold the phone! And sure, like i said this is just a hunch, but I have been trying to get info from (to no avail) and now seeing this, I just couldn't help but wonder: Is it possible that the Kazakhs got ahold of this technology? What other process is out there that can boast "no alternatives" and "most promising?" And maybe its my overactive imagination, but really I will be sticking to this story like glue, because tbh, I could care less where it coimes from, all I want is some chlorine-free solar grade silicon! So bring it on Kazh, bring it on!
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